Aria Chen

Creative Assistant / Editor

Aria has lived in Perth since 2005, she migrated to Australia with her family. She studied in Curtin University and obtained two bachelor’s degrees in art & commerce.

Aria Chen met her love in the city of Perth, Western Australia. Together, they combined their passion for art in the confines of photography. Where Mac Zhang captures these moments through his high-quality gear, Aria further refines into memorable photos through precise corrections and adjustments. She ensures Mac’s work perfectly encapsulates the experiences present for you to hold onto forever.

Mac Zhang

Creative Assistant / Photographer

Upon acquiring his master’s degree, Mac dove into his first job in the field. Yet, after three, dull, long years, Mac became increasingly aware of the missing spark in his life. He travelled around the world, recording his travels through photographs, in search of this missing piece. He eventually found his way back to Australia and deepened his love for the unique landscape and culture of Australia, finally settling down after his long pilgrimage, and of course, meeting the love of his life. In this journey, Mac found himself in capturing moments of time through the lens of his camera.

Mac finally realized his passion through photography, hence, by now, he delivers his purpose through art and creation.

Kez Soedjono

Creative Director / Photographer

After Kez worked as a fashion designer. she also worked alongside a creative team where she became a stylist. The direct interaction with clients was an aspect of being a stylist that she very much enjoyed and was very passionate about. 

In 2020, she moved back to Perth, where she realised that she has been logging in to use her creative skills again. After welcoming a baby girl into the family, Kez started taking photographs of her daughter to collect them as part of the family’s memories. This sparks joy in her again, she has now found a deeper purpose to help people capture special moments in their life.

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